The quality control wing under Irrigation Department was formed in 1995 as per G.O.(MS)No. 87/1995/Irrgn dated 13.06.1995 to ensure quality of the works executed by Irrigation Department (WRD).There are two division offices under the wing , one at Thrissur with jurisdiction extending from Ernakulam to Kasargod (8 districts) and the other at Kottarakkara with jurisdiction extending from Thiruvananthapuram to Kottayam (6 districts). Quality Control Division, Thrissur was formed with effect from 15-11-2000 for Checking and maintaining the quality of works under taken by the Irrigation Department, after abolishing KIP (MCS Division) 2 at Charumoodu as per Govt. order (RE) No.891/2000/IRD Dated: 12-07-2000. Up to 04-03-2010, this division was functioning under the control of Superintending Engineer, I&P Circle, Thrissur. From 05-03-2010 onwards this division is functioning under the direct control of the Director,KERIPeechi as per the Govt. Order No. 10 /2010 Dated: 1-2-2010.

The Quality Control Division, Thrissur comprises of a division office at Thrissur and 5 Sub Division Offices,

1. Quality Control Sub DivisionMuvattupuzha

2. Quality Control Sub DivisionThrissur

3. Quality Control Sub Division Palakkad

4. Quality Control Sub Division Kozhikode

5. Quality Control Sub Division Kannur.

Monitoring of works executed by the Irrigation Department in Ernakulam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur and Kasargod are carried out by Quality Control Division, Thrissur.




The section offices are envisaged to check the quality of works under taken by the various Execution divisions and subdivisions of the irrigation department in respective Districts.Apart from compiling monthly and quarterly inspection reports received from the five subdivisions, comparing test results with IS and other approved standards, recommending necessary suggestion if any are the duties of Division office. Random inspections of major and important woks are to be done by the Division office.

Thrissur Sub Division comprises of

(i) Thrissursection
(ii) Ernakulamsection
Palakkad Sub Divisioncomprisesof
(i) Palakkad Section
(ii) MalapuramSection

Kozhikode Sub Division comprisesof

(i) Kozhikode section
(ii) Kalppettasection (Wyanad District)

Kannursub division comprises of

(i) Kannur section
(ii) Kasargod section

Muvattupuzha Sub Division comprises of

(i) Muvattupuzha Section
(ii) Koothattukulam Section
(iii) Angamaly Section

At Present following tests can be done in the Labs connected to Sub Divisions,

1. Compression Test
2. Tensile Test
3. Gradation -Sieve Test ( Electrical , Manual)
4. Compaction Factor(Light)
5. Compaction Factor(Heavy)
6. Liquid Limit (Hand Operated),Plastic Limit & Shrinkage Limit
7. Specific Gravity Test (Pycnometer & Specific Gravity Bottle)
8. Cone Penetro Meter (Digital) Test ( Liquid Limit )
9. Vicat Apparatus -Initial Setting Time, Final Setting Time
10. Le-Chatlier Apparatus- For Soundness Of Cement
11. Slump Test
12. Aggregate Impact Test
13. Crushing Value Test
14. Grain Size Analysis With Hydrometer
15. Compaction Factor



The modernized Quality Control Labs situated at Thrissur, Kozhikode and Palakkad consists of various Equipments and Machineries for Testing and Investigating the Qualities and Strength of Materials.

Major equipments available are,

  • Core cutter and grinding machine
  • Automatic Compression testing machine
  • Pyconometer
  • Rebound Hammer
  • Specific gravity bottle
  • Compaction test apparatus for light compaction
  • Compaction test apparatus for heavy compaction
  • Soil cone penetrometer
  • Sand replacement method apparatus
  • Speedy moisture meter Liquid limit device
  • Soil plastic limit apparatus
  • Laboratary electric oven
  • Core cutter with collars
  • Compaction factor apparatus
  • Vibrating machine with digital timer
  • Riffle sample devider
  • Sieve shaker motorised with digital timer for fine aggregate
  • Sieve shaker motorised with digital timer for coarse aggregate
  • Digital Weighing balance 100 kg,2kg,5 kg
  • Glass measuring cylinders-50,100,200,300 ml
  • Vicat needle apparatus
  • Le-chatelier apparatus with water bath
  • Digital stop watch
  • Slump test apparatus
  • Cast iron cubical moulds 100x100x100 mm,150x150x150 mm
  • Cylindrical mould 150 mm dia.
  • Digital thermometer -50 to 1300 degree
  • Digital vernier caliper
  • Ordinary thermometer
  • Digital thermometer- 100 to 300 degree
  • Sand spoon
  • Hand operated sieve shaker for fine aggregate
  • Hand operated sieve shaker for coarse aggregate
  • Sieve set200 mm dia. For fine aggregate(9nos)
  • Sieve300 mm dia. For coarse aggregate(13 Nos)
  • Automatic level with tripod
  • Automatic levelling staves



Executive Engineer
Irrigation Quality Control Division
Chembukavu, Thrissur. Pin 680020 
0487 2321520 , 9447485603
Assistant Executive Engineer
Irrigation Quality Control Sub Division
Chembukavu, Thrissur. Pin 680020 
Assistant Executive Engineer
Irrigation Quality Control Sub Division,
Muvattupuzha, Mudavoor. P.O. Pin 686669 
Assistant Executive Engineer
Irrigation Quality Control Sub Division,
Siruvani Circle
Complex, Chunambuthara,
Vadakkumthara. P.O, Palakkad Pin 678012
Assistant Executive Engineer
Irrigation Quality Control Sub Division,
Kavery House, West Hill. P.O Kozhikode Pin 673005
Assistant Executive Engineer,
Irrigation Quality Control Sub Division
Pazhassy Building, Kannur. Pin 670002